A Legal Ally For Your Case

When you come to Zajac Law Firm, you receive representation that is passionate about helping you overcome your legal obstacles and reach justice.

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Strong Legal Advocacy On Your Side

People need legal guidance during difficult times in life. You may be struggling with the uncertainty of a divorce or child custody dispute. You may be striving to protect your reputation, liberties and immigration status in the face of criminal charges. When such weighty circumstances threaten your peace of mind and future, it is important to seek a strong legal ally who cares deeply about your case.

At the Zajac Law Firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota, family law attorney Kristine Zajac can be that ally for you. She is passionate about helping people like you overcome legal obstacles. She represents clients in a range of practice areas, focusing primarily on family law. Find a skilled lawyer at the firm who can represent you throughout complex cases such as:

  • Child custody disputes
  • Property division in a divorce case
  • Domestic violence and other family legal problems
  • Emergency Family Law Matters
  • Third-Party Custody Matters

Down-To-Earth, Compassionate Advice

Attorney Kristine Zajac can help you realistically assess your options, prioritize your goals and maintain a focus on the big picture of what you want to achieve. She is always respectful of clients’ time and resources, and she strives to resolve legal matters as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Clients feel comfortable working with Kristine. She is nonjudgmental and encouraging. To her, few things are more rewarding than helping clients get through some of the worst times in their lives.

Attuned To Immigration Concerns

Ms. Zajac frequently works with clients who are immigrants or noncitizens. She understands the unique concerns they face. She can advise you on the potential immigration consequences stemming from criminal cases.

Whatever type of legal issue you are facing, you can reach out to attorney Zajac for guidance. Contact our firm at 612-789-2300 to arrange a meeting.