Minnesota’s Legislature Reviews Criminal Sexual Conduct

Minnesota’s new legislative session is again raising eyes and perhaps lowering hands, as the legislature seeks to close a so-called loophole that exempted “non-consensual clothed buttocks touching” from prosecution as criminal sexual conduct. A cheeky exemption from the eighties specifically allowed people to grab the rear without fear of prosecution for criminal sexual conduct. This new legislation will add nonconsensual, intentional touching of another’s clothed buttocks to the row of prosecuted fifth degree criminal sexual conduct.

But before you get any wise ideas to avoid prosecution by simply asking to touch a bottom, you may still not be in the legal clear. Minnesota already has on the books an expansive prostitution statute that criminalizes all sorts of touching and grabbing, which can include touching a clothed buttocks. A fact which has come back to bite strippers and massage therapists alike in the… well you get the idea.

So, let’s be clear. Bottom touching is legal in Minnesota only so long as its consensual and free. But if it’s not consensual or you offer to pay, you better watch your backside.