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Kristine recently handled my OFP case. It was unusual in the sense that a third party brought forth this as a guardian of my fiance. The real issue was the Father didn’t approve of my relationship based on our age difference. There was also the guardianship issue which Kristine was able to help with referrals. I was very pleased with the service I received. Kristine was attentive to every issue and kept in constant communication with me. I felt she was very resourceful and responsive to my concerns. As a result my case had a positive outcome. I would highly recommend Kristine Zajac based on my personal experience.

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  • I recommend Kristine Zajac.
  • I hired Kristine < 1 month ago.
  • Kristine handled my Divorce / Separation matter.


Kristine is a wonderful lawyer that knows what she is doing. I attempted to do a divorce on my own but due to his living in another state and refusing to communicate with me, I returned to Kristine who helped with my first divorce. Since I am deaf, all communications were done via email and there were never any glitches.

She kept me informed at all stages and ensured that I was comfortable with what was happening on her end. She responded to all correspondence within 24 hours (often faster than that).

And, the best part was, I never actually had to go into the office! We did everything via email and snail mail.

I have hired Kristine twice, and if i have to hire another lawyer, she is my #1 choice.

Dear Kristine,

Muchas gracias por toda tu ayuda con el divorcio me trataste muy y me senti contenta y feliz con todo. You really made a differnece on my life.



Posted by L.V.

My 9 year old boy said something at his school which caused CPS to force me to cease all contact and communication with him while they performed their investigation. It was a horrific situation because I didn’t know the process and what CPS and the police department would do. I just knew that they had a lot of power and that my child can say some of the wildest things just to gain attention. I contacted attorneys from 2 big law firms well known for handling these kind of cases. One was very helpful and kind. The other just seem to want some money and didn’t care about me as a worried mother. Regardless, both of them didn’t seem to possess the knowledge and experience that made me feel comfortable. I contacted Kristine via searching the web and friend recommendation and was blown by her expertise and kindness within the first 10 minutes. She was able to quickly and expertly answer all of my questions and concerns. The attorneys from the other 2 law firms had to go back and ask their colleagues on a couple of complex questions I had. Kristine Zajac knew the ins and outs of the process, the important parties involved, and the reasons behind what needed to be done. Needless to say, I decided to hire Kristine Zajac on the spot and so thankful that I hired her.

People don’t go to lawyers for frivolous needs. If you’re hiring an attorney, you have an important legal need. Maybe you need a lawyer to draw up an important document or help you through a crisis. Choosing the right lawyer is an important decision and the right one can make all the difference. That is why I chose Kristine Zajac.


Posted by Elias Dominguez, Truck driver

“yo recomiendo a Kristine zajac como abogada,porque para mi es una persona muy preparada y professional,kristine zajac me ayudo mucho en mi caso de child support y ella tiene mucha fama ente los hispanos porque ha demostrado ser una persona muy profecional,y muy honesta,kristine zajac es entre los hispanos una de las mejores abogadas en casos de familia,felicidades Kristine y que Dios te bendiga.”

Guaranteed Results


Posted by Josh, a Family client, 14 days ago.


I recommend Kristine Zajac.


  • I hired Kristine more than 3 years ago.
  • Kristine handled my Family matter.
  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.


You can be guaranteed that from the first time Kristine speaks with you that you will not only feel more confident about your situation but you will begin to feel the burden of the litigation process being lifted.

Kristine has phenomenal work ethic which pours out in the form of results for you and your case. Kristine takes a sense of pride in every question she is asked and every case she works on so you will always truly feel like you have your best friend walking you through what could otherwise have been a stressful litigation process. It is that sense of pride that compels her to continue to learn and grow with the ever changing legal system and laws. Kristine gives you the confidence you need to know that you have the best possible individual working for you based on your needs.

I have sent several people to Kristine over the years since my case and have called her with questions of my own. She has never hesitated to answer a question or not return a call. Kristine has always taken her own personal time to help those friends that I send her way. If you too give Kristine the chance to work for you, I can GUARANTEE you won’t be disappointed with the job she will do for you.

This is why I am absolutely confident in saying that no matter what your legal needs are, with relation to Criminal and Family court, Kristine is the only person I know you can trust to care for you and selflessly answer all of your questions to insure that you get the results you are looking for.

Should you have any questions about this short review or the legitimacy of my statements and Kristine’s dedication to her clients.


Great Lawyer and Person


Posted by Jack, a Child Custody client, 17 days ago.


I recommend Kristine Zajac.


  • I hired Kristine more than 3 years ago.
  • Kristine handled my Child Custody matter.
  • I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.


When I was going through my divorce and custody battle Kristine kept me focused and informed 24/7. At a time when I thought that I was going to lose everything from my kids to my house and everything I had worked for over a decade she kept me keeping the faith that everything would be fine. I just gave Kristine all the info that she needed and when the day came and I received custody of my kids I was so thankful that Kristine was my choice for Lawyer. Kristine was defiantly the right choice and knew what she was doing.


Zajac Law is top-notch


Posted by Maren, a Child Support client, 21 days ago.


I recommend Kristine Zajac.


  • I hired Kristine more than 3 years ago.
  • Kristine handled my Child Support matter.
  • I have previously worked with no lawyers.


Kristine helped me with my child support/custody case. She kept me well informed on a weekly basis (and daily as the court date approached). If she did not know the answer to a question, she would immediately research and tell me what she found. Kristine is very knowledgeable, professional, kind and responsive. I trust her and her staff and appreciate her discretion. I had great success in my case with her, I recommend her for all family law needs.

Kristine provided honest and knowledgeable support for my case and helped me in the most cost effective way. We won our case, and I am happy to say, I received what was fair and right for my children. I had been divorced for nearly 9 years when I hired Kristin. Visitation and support had been agreed at 50/50 however not adhered to. Upon the advice of a friend I had kept a calendar and log of expenses. After years of unreliable and sporadic financial and parental support/visitation, I informed my Ex that I would be applying for a reassessment of support and automatic payment through the state so I could pull myself out of a recurring argument about what was ‘fair’ and what he could afford. I was not interested in back support, but only what was fair going forward and determined by someone other than us. As a response, he and his girlfriend informed me that we would now be complying by the 50/50 visitation arrangement based on our original agreement. I had little recourse, it was a legal document, in order to change it mediation or a court was required. We attempted mediation, but it was clear that his ‘change’ of heart was financially motivated. Kristine was honest and supportive throughout the process. Although it would seem my case was cut and dry, when children are involved, it never is. She allowed me to write up much of my own affidavit to save on cost and provided valuable feedback, direction and review; what was important, what was factual and supportive and what needed to be taken out. She was a tenacious and respectful representative of my case and I felt fully supported throughout the entire process. We won our case and the judge awarded my ex-husband 1/3 time and initiate automatic appropriate payments based on our incomes. A few short weeks later, my ex informed me that our sons were not welcome at his girlfriend’s house 1/3 of the time, which was 50/50 in the summer and every other weekend during the school year. His true intentions were revealed and I thank Kristin and the wisdom of the judge who saw us through this.

Kristine Zajac helped me through my divorce with my ex- husband. She worked in a very professional but personal level. She was able to get the settlement my daughter and I needed and worked for my ex-husband as well. She took the time to understand my situation and represent me the best was possible. One of the things that I appreciated about Kristine, was her communication. With so many different issues that needed to be resolved, Kristine took away any worries about the case because she always kept me informed. I never felt like I was not part of the case or there were things that were not being communicated to me.

Kristine Zajac fue mi abogada que me ayudo con los tramites de mi divorcio, su trabajo fue muy profecional y obtubo todo los beneficios posibles tanto para mi hija y para mi; ademas de ser una Buena professional es muy amistosa y sensible frente a los problemas de los demas. Kristine te ayuda, da mucha information, y hace que tu problema se haga mas facil y yo agradesco mucho a mi abogada Kristine.

In February 20th of 2013 during a Family Court Hearing, “Kristine helped me with my Order For Protection case where my wife made up lies and wanted money out of me”. It all worked out in the end thanks to Kristine. She is very professional to work with.
– F.B.

En Febrero 20 del 2013 durante una Audiencia en la Corte Familiar “Kristina me ayudó con mi caso de Orden de Proteccion donde mi esposa invento mentiras y queria dinero de mi”. Todo salió bien al final gracias a Kristina. Ella es muy profesional para trabajar con uno.
– F.B.

You helped me a lot I wont forget it!!
– M.V.M

I am very thankful. Thanks for all your help!
– D.E.

You are so very, very good at what you do. I’ve been incredibly blessed to have had you on the team, leading the way. :o)

I can’t tell how happy I am right now, I’m so blessed to have had you as my attorney, you did such an amazing job!! Thank you for all the hard work you put into my case, thank you for helping me make my dream come true, what a wonderful Christmas gift ;). Thank you for putting up with me and my insecurities! I truly appreciate all that you did and all the support! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
– S.E.

Thanks for all of your help with my divorce.

You represented me with my divorce a few years ago. I was very satisfied with your services on my case. The terms of my divorce are coming to a conclusion soon. There is only one issue left; it has to do with real estate. I know this is not in your area of practice therefore I was wondering if you could recommend someone to me who would do as admirable a job as you did for with my divorce.
– J.D.

I hired Kristine Zajac to represent me in a criminal case which I’m certain would have gone very badly for me without her help. Her confident, compassionate demeanor set me at ease, and her skill as an attorney proved to be outstanding. She was able to have all charges dropped, and the case dismissed. I will recommend her without hesitation or reservation to anyone in need of legal advice.
Thank you, Kristine. You truly are a mensch.
– Mike N.

My ex wife wanted to keep me from seeing our daughter on a consistent basis. Attorney Zajac was able to get me unsupervised consistent contact with our daughter as well as vacation time and holiday time. If it was up to my vindictive ex wife I would have had only supervised time with our daughter.
– A.N.

I hired Ms. Zajac for a divorce proceeding and later ended up reconciling with my wife. I found Ms. Zajac to be honest and fair.
– J.O.

Kristine was a lawyer who gave me advice during my custody battle case and it was very helpful and led to the joint custody of my daughter. Please contact her to see if she can be helpful with your case.
– (past custody case client N.W.)

I have been referred to Kristine Zajac when my ex-husband sued me over child custody. My ex-husband was out of the family home many times in the past and the last time that he was gone, it has been a year a half before I heard from him. I received a warm, humanly welcome from Kristine and I knew deep inside that I was in good legal hands. She listened to me and without promising anything delivered an unbelievable outcome. She emailed me with the smallest detail and even took the time to follow my case during her vacation. She settled my case without me going to court. She really saved me a lot of time and money. She is down to earth and very sincere in her judgements. I can say for sure that she is not after your pocket like many other attorneys are but after your real success in your legal battle. I recommend her to anybody who needs a fair, quality and honest legal representation. I now have sole physical custody of my minor three children and my ex-husband has been granted supervised visitations.
– N. Nour

I honestly cannot say enough of how great Kristine was as my attorney during my divorce and mediation for parental time. She was able to make very tough chapter of my life go as smoothly as it can be. I was very please with her professionalize, her caring, and her kindness. I was greatly satisfied with the outcome. I have recommended her to all friends and peers that have needed her services.
Thank you Kristine you have been a blessing to me,
– Phillip Sengchanh

I have been an attorney for over 10 years. Kristine is my personal lawyer, and she does a great job! Kristine is always quick to respond to my phone calls and e-mails. She works hard and gets great results for me. I recommend Kristine to all my friends and family. She is a good and honest lawyer that you can count on.
– Chris Crutchfield
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Kristine helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. During my divorce, she provided sound legal representation throughout the process, as well as, a kind heart for me and my children. My situation turned into further court hearings and ended with a positive outcome for everyone. Thank you for all of your legal help and compassion! I would recommended Kristine to anyone with legal needs.
– Sarah J

I have been associated with dozens of attorneys both for myself and on behalf of clients, and I can say without reservation that Kristine Zajac is one of the best attorneys I have had the distinct pleasure to work with. She is both personable and extremely efficient. She stays on top of the case from beginning to end and makes sure no detail is missed. Most attorneys seem to need three or four phone calls before they will call you back, but Kristine was the one calling or e-mailing me any time she had new information. She knew exactly what to do and made sure it got done. I would highly recommend her for any family law case.
– Christine R. Merz

This is a testimonial for Kristi Zajac who was my divorce attorney. I really wish I had met Kristi sooner – she would have cut my divorce time to a fraction of the time.

Kristi is extremely conscientious about her work, and is one of the most dedicated people I know. She is extremely thorough in her work, and brings to the table multiple perspectives, which really helps in covering all aspects of the case. Kristi is also very prompt about returning calls and emails, which is critical in a divorce case where you are sensitive to such aspects of a lawyer. Of all the sterling qualities Kristi possesses, it is her professionalism and personal caring that I like the most. Kristi truly represented me in the case, placed my needs and wants first, and worked hard to get me the best possible outcome in the circumstances. I still call Kristi first, if I ever have a legal question to discuss.

On a personal note, she is very friendly and personable, and takes a very humane and sensitive approach to her profession. This I admire and respect.
– Hari Hara Kumar, Minnesota

I remember the first day I met Kristine and I was very worried about the custody of my daughter. A few minutes after meeting with Kristine and explaining to her my situation with my daughter and myself, I knew that I was in good hands. The court process took more than 10 months, each court was very stressful but there were always reassuring words from my attorney Kristine. The most admirable thing about Kristine is that you don’t feel like you’re talking with an attorney all the time rather you feel like you’re talking with a person that understands you and gives you support with words. Thanks to God and Kristine after four courts everything went in my favor. Now I have legal and physical custody of my daughter thanks to Kristine. If somebody needs an attorney please use her in that she’s a good human being. (Hazel Calixto)

“It is hard to express with those same words the work Ms. Zajac has done for me (for my son in particular and my family in general as well) in such a short period of time. With a misleading previous attorney, I was in strong need of a person who would get involved in my case, someone bilingual, trustful, and dynamic to take part in it as a professional and as a human being as well. She has always been available, responsive, sensitive, and willing to help me even though there was little time to prepare the different judicial instances. We made it, yes, with strong arguments, with her knowledge of Minnesota laws, with her idea of what a four year old may be in need of, and always with good sense of humor -despite the hard time a divorce implies. Ms. Zajac has been of real help; professionally, emotionally, psychologically, humanly. I do strongly recommend her services. And my (now little) son will thank her in a few years from now for her work defending basically his own rights and needs. I am sure about that. My family and I already feel it.” (Previous Client)

Kristine was a rock by my side during a very stressful parenting time dispute which surfaced after my children’s father realized his support dollars would increase. She never made promises for a win, but her wisdom and experience saw through to the best approach. Kristine did an excellent job of coaching me and keeping me informed. In court her professional and calm demeanor was undaunted; she was fearless yet respectful. We won our case and my children remain with me as they were before; Greed did not win! If I need legal help in the future, I will definitely return to her. Thank you so much Kristine! (C.L. past client)

Thank you so much once again! (past divorce client R.V.)

Thanks again for your professionalism with my case! (past custody case client C.B)

Thanks for your awesome legal representation. Thanks for all of your kindness and hard work, too. I will refer you to anyone that needs legal assistance. (past divorce/custody client S.J.)

My wife (child support client) said that you were very professional and that your courtroom skills are excellent. M.S.

Thanks again for everything. You did an excellent job on protecting me as your client. (past divorce client Sean Preese)

I highly recommend you every chance I get. Maren Longfellow (past custody/child support client)

Thank you for helping to maintain a civil atmosphere throughout the entire (divorce) process. That was the most important thing for our kids. Almost every divorced person I know has a horror story to tell about divorce lawyers. I didn’t want 22 years to deteriorate into bitterness and hostility. (M.J.M. past divorce client)

Thanks for everything! Our lives have been so much easier since we’ve gotten custody. (past custody client J.L.).

I’m so thankful for all that you have done. (past custody client, T.O.)

We’d like to thank you for all the help with the adoption. Please send us a dozen or so business cards, we would like to give them to people when they ask for an excellent attorney! (past adoption clients, M.W. and M.W.)

You are wonderful. You have done a fabulous job and I could not be happier that I came to you guys to get this taken care of. You have made it easier than I ever thought possible. I always keep my ears open when anyone is asking if I know a good attorney for family law(past divorce client Tracie Foster)

Thank you again for being in my corner as my lawyer. Believe me it helps. David Lewis, past child support client

Thanks doesn’t seem to be enough and there is no price on my every day of being with my kids. J.N., past divorce/custody client

Thank you for all of your assistance on this. You did a great job. If anyone needs a recommendation for a lawyer you will be top in mind! (J.L. past child support and divorce client).

I am very grateful for the sensitive and professional way in which you handled my case. Thank you so much for all of your help! (past child support client, C.C.)

Everybody told me that getting an attorney to help me with my DWI wouldn’t help me and that I’d just be wasting my money. I didn’t pay attention to them and contracted with Kristine to be my attorney. She got my fine and punishment reduced and surprised everyone. Believe me, she cares, and it has made all the difference in the world. C.M.K. (past D.W.I. client)

Kristine saved me from a lot of grief and lies when my former wife was making up lies about me. I wish I had hired Kristine my first time around. (criminal client S.P.)

I highly recommend Kristine Zajac for a criminal defense attorney if you are in need of one for whatever your charge may be. Unlike other attorneys, Kristine had my interests in my mind, and she was not “in it” to settle and make a quick buck. I had been charged by an extremely aggressive law firm (notorious for convictions) with a gross misdemeanor – Solicitation for Sex. With Kristine’s help the outcome of my case was this – 40 hours of community service, a deferment program for “Johns”, a small fine, and NO CONVICTION by a Dismissed Case. I believe this was the best possible outcome!